Data Lake Readiness Assessment

This interactive assessment tool from Google Cloud and TDWI is designed to help you assess how ready you and your organization are to effectively design and implement a new data lake or modernize an existing one. We ask that you provide an honest appraisal of your progress to ensure the assessment to be accurate and useful for your data lake planning.

The questions will capture your organization's current situation and future places based on five categories.

After you've answered all the questions, the tool will present scores that quantify your readiness per category as well as your overall readiness. You will also see scores representing the average readiness of other organizations that have participated in this study.

Look out for the Data Lake Readiness Guide and download a free copy, which further explains how to interpret your scores.

Please note: to retain your assessment scores, you must print the report displayed on the final page of the assessment. You will not be able to re-access your assessment data after exiting the assessment.

No personal data is collected by TDWI nor Google Cloud for use with this interactive assessment tool.